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Glued Wooden Structures

Glued Wooden Structures
Деревоклееные конструкции «DUOL» часто являются более легкими и конкурентоспособными чем подобные конструкции из альтернативных строительных материалов. Сочетание высококачественного дерева и системы мембраны предлагает отличную ценность, высокую прочность и комфорт.

Our experiences in membrane technology joined Europe’s most modern CNC wood-processing production. Technology advantage is on our side: wide spans, customizable design, highest quality with lowest price are now possible.

Wooden hall certified with international standards - DIN, EN, PEFC, OENORM, EUROCODE, ISO 9001 and others, guarantees highest quality with most economical design solution. Arsenal-NT stands for safety and economy, as well as for complete one-stop solutions including engineering and production.

Wooden structure - SHORT ASSEMBLY TIME

The long-time experience of our statical and logistics experts provides for smooth workflows; extensive prefabrication processes and a well-rehearsed installation team guarantee short installation times. With one-stop construction, production and installation sequences Arsenal-NT offers future-proof overall solutions and trouble-free implementations even with short-term target dates.    




Glued Laminated Timber (GLT) is a material which does not only convince in economical and aesthetical terms but also drives the world of construction in many ways. High quality GLT is characterized by high load capacity, dimensional stability, and the manipulation of timber parts into any shape.

 Arsenal-NT GLT elements are subjected to severe testing before they  are considered for further application. In our work we comply with DIN, EN, OENORM, EUROCODE standard and we have an ISO 9001 certification. Numerous quality labels guarantee the workmanship of our products.

Arsenal-NT Wooden structures:
• Long-standing experience in GLT structures
• Ultra-modern and high-tech manufacturing facility
• Internal and external quality assurance (Certified ISO 9001:2008)
• Expertise of an experienced team of structural engineers, civil engineers and skilled workers
• Turn-key services


Constant checks using ultraviolet light, x-ray and laser technology guarantee outstanding quality. State-of-the-art production facility, experienced team and strict quality controls ensure that the highest of standards are met.

CAD-competence and project-optimizing with internationally known engineers economic, ecological and esthetic solutions, individual design.

High precision and room for architectural creativity are guaranteed as the production process is CNC controlled from beginning to end.  

Why Arsenal-NT wooden structures:

• Europe most modern CNC production
• Complete one-stop solution, quality control in all phases
• The high-level of factory wooden pre-fabrication reduces assembly time and costs
• 20 years experiences
• Worldwide references
• Innovative DMS double membrane system
• Certified solutions

Arsenal-NT wooden halls are often lighter and more competitive than comparable constructions with alternative building materials. Combination of high quality wood, covered with membrane system offers great value, high durabillity and comfort.


BEST thermal insulation of Wooden structures


Thanks to DMS technology and excellent insulation properties there is no condensation inside the hall. Condensation is on inner side of the membrane and in between layers.

DUOL DMS™ is unique solution of double membrane system which guarantees resistance to harsh climatic conditions and ensure the highest temperature isolation.


DMS™ comes with more variants.

Standard DMS™ provides thermal insulation of 3.05 W/m2K, while DMS


Plus™ provides thermal insulation down to 1.74 W/m2K and E-DMS Plus™ down to 1.43 W/m2K (measured by independent test institute).


DMS™thermo (Double membrane system without thermal bridges) is available for best thermal insulation.

SpaceDomeTM insulation system is special insulation layer between membranes. Insulation is made from high-tech materials firstly developed in space technology with characteristics of lowest thermal conductivity of any solid material. With SpaceDomeTM insulation system heating and cooling costs of air dome can be reduced below the level of a traditional buildings which is remarkable achievement



Membrane with standard PVDF layer generates electrical charge that attracts some dirt. Our new PVDF-II coating has a special flourine layer on top of PVDF lacquer to prevent dirt adhesion caused by the electrostatic attraction.

Standard fabric is translucent for daylight and it completely meets physical, technical and fire standards as well regulations. Standard color is white.

Wooden structures - ALL WEATHER COMFORT                                     

DMS membrane system is designed for extreme climate conditions, for temperature range from -50 to +70 degrees. Facts are confirmed in a practice too, as Arsenal-NT’s references are installed all over the world, from Arctic Circle to hot areas of Middle East.


Arsenal-NT’s highest priority is “a minimum handling risk”: the loading on the production site is precisely in line with the installation process and avoids an interim storage on the site of construction.







  Lightweight and durable, Duol fabrics are also recyclable. The unique industrial technology guarantees 100% of fabric components to be recycled.

  Arsenal-NT wooden structures are built from natural, regrowing, sustainable material - wood. Our structures require less fossil energy in manufacture than comparable projects using other materials. Arsenal-NT wooden structures covered with latest membrane technology are durable and energy efficient. This saves energy and minimizes emissions. Additionally, timber contributes to the reduction of CO2 and can be thermally recycled at the end of its utilization phase.






Spans of up to 150 meters and proven membrane technology have made Arsenal-NT well-known far beyond its borders; one of Europe’s most modern CNC-controlled production and efficient solutions due to the materialadvantage as well as the technical know-how.







Woden halls - Quality is timeless

Thanks to DMS advanced technology, the replacement of the membrane is not required and the life expectancy is extended to 40+ years, based on tests, experiences and existing projects.


INDOOR light experience

Both membranes in DMS technology are highly translucent, therefore the use of lighting system is not required during the daytime, creating pleasant indoor environment.


Perfect whiteness

Arsenal-NT membranes are totally self-cleaning and highly resistant to chemicals. High and consistent transparency & luminosity reduce cleaning costs and reduce lights usage.



All membranes are fire retardant, certificated by following certificates: DIN, EN, OENORM, EUROCODE ISO, 9001:2008 and others.



Arsenal-NT wooden structure - COMPLETE TURN KEY PROJECT 

We have the knowledge to offer completely equipped sport arena. We are closely linked to trusted suppliers of sports equipment and sport floorings, offering highest quality products, designed using the latest technology and certified by international sports associations.






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