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Fabric Architecture

Fabric Architecture
Текстильная архитектура - это область архитектуры, в которой для построения как малых, так и крупных объектов используются каркасно-тенотовые конструкции и полиэстеровое полотно с покрытием из ПВХ, устойчивое к ветру, дождю и солнцу. Каркасно-тентовые конструкции (вантовые, мембранные) используются для строительства спортивных сооружений, бизнес-центров, развлекательных центров и других объектов. Используя мембранные конструкции, можно, в том числе, дополнить классические архитектурные решения.

Sports facilities, stadiums

Air Supported Structures are an ideal solution for the seasonal or permanent coverage of one or sports facilities and stadiums. The particularly quick erection of the dome and its equally rapid dismantling that leaves no visible traces allows for temporary or permanent coverage, thereby increasing investors' profit levels. The translucency of the membrane allows the domes to be used in daylight without artificial light. The excellent insulation characteristics of the double fabric membrane provides players with ideal playing conditions and protects them from weather. Inside the Air Supported Structure various flooring type and various independent facilities such as wardrobes, coffee shops, toilets etc. can be installed.    


Arsenal-NT provides complete turnkey facilities, optional financing and insurance, allowing the sport facility owner to develop the exact system required for their particular needs with minimal involvement or interruption to their ongoing business.


Pool covers












Arsenal-NT pool covers prolong the use of swimming pools and aqua parks throughout the year (swimming courses, water polo training and competitions, recreation...). Duol pool covers offer complete weather protection and optionally it can be also quickly dismantled. The particularly quick erection of dome pool covers and its equally rapid dismantling that leaves no visible traces allows for temporary or permanent coverage, thereby increasing investors' profit levels.

Proven technological solutions enable a comfortable warmed passage between pool covers. Double fabric membranes are creating new high standards of insulation and condensation prevention and therefore ensure pool cover low operating costs. Arsenal-NT pool covers are made according European EN standard 13782 and every part of Arsenal-NT pool cover is subject of strict quality control according to ISO 9001 quality program.  


Football air DOME












Indirect lighting in fotball hall ensures comfortable training or the playing of football in the evenings in any season and in any weather conditions. Football air dome includes dressing rooms and auxiliary rooms.

Hockey air dome

The most economical way of covering hockey rinks is the Arsenal-NT Air Supported Structure! Air Domes offer ideal opportunities for uninterrupted hockey training, ice skating or the playing of hockey regardless of the weather outside. The stability of Air Domes allows various facilities to be set up within the dome, including stands, wardrobes etc. Hockey Air management systemTM is specifically designed for hockey to maximize ice rink energy efficiency, safety and reduce any humidity/moisture issues associated with indoor hockey rinks.

Golf air dome

Golf is becoming more and more popular sport. It is not only a sport but also a way of life. Fundamental obstacle for even faster development of golf are bad climatic conditions, which permit playing golf on outdoor course only few periods a year.  

Arsenal-NT has built covered golf courses and thus overcame influence of disastrous weather conditions and made possible playing golf all year around in controlled indoor atmosphere. Even more: suitably lighted indoor golf course is offering the possibility of playing at night.

Multipurpose air dome

With Arsenal-NT a short time it is possible to install school sports facilities and recreational domes for instructional programmes for various sports. Domes can be erected for temporary, seasonal or permanent use. Arsenal-NT Air Domes offer maximum flexibility for all kinds of sports activities. For different sports (basketball, volleyball, softball and other sports) appropriate sports flooring along with other facilities from wardrobes to stands can be installed. The combination of the latest materials and technologies used in Arsenal-NT Air Domes means low operating costs and a feeling of comfort for the people using them.






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