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Soleil Storico Stampato 607

Soleil Storico Stampato 607
Type of base fabric: EN-ISO2076 ­­­ High Tenacity Polyester
Yarn size: EN-ISO7211 dtex 550
Yarn construction warp-weft: EN-ISO4602 N°/cm 12 x 12
Weight of base fabric: EN-ISO2286-2 g/m? 130
Weight of PVC: EN-ISO2286-2 g/m? 320
Total weight: EN-ISO2286-2 g/m? 450
Fabric Thickness: EN-ISO2286-3 mm 0,37
Tensile strenght. Warp: EN-ISO1421 N/5cm 1900
Tensile strenght. Weft: EN-ISO1421 N/5cm 1900
Tear strenght. Warp: DIN53363 N 120
Tear strenght. Weft: DIN53363 N 120
Cold resistance: Iternal Test °C -30
Heat resistance: Iternal Test °C ?70
Flame retardancy: * * Yes
Solvent resistance: UNI4816-16 ­­­ Resistant
Lightfastness: EN-ISO105B02 Value 6
Bending resistance: DIN53359-A 100.000
Water resistance: EN-ISO811 ­­­ Waterproof
Adhesion: EN-ISO2411 N/2cm 30
Roll length: ­­­ m/ m 65
* The technical data  indicated are average values with allowance +/- 5%
* Please, contact us for flame retardancy certificates.
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